July 9, 2013

Prepping For Immersion Day At The Farm

Recently,  the ad sales team of my company gathered in Manhattan for their annual National Sales Meeting.  There are many new faces within this group of 60 and I wanted them to know me better.  On the last day of this meeting, I invited the entire team to come to my farm for a day of immersion.  The purpose in doing so was to introduce them to my life at home so that they might better know me and see first hand what motivates me.  Since they are the ones selling ad space, it's really important for them to understand what the Martha Stewart brand is really all about.  Despite the heat, we took a brisk 3-mile hike along the trails.  I invited some long-time employees to speak to the group and share their experiences they've had with me over the years.  Chef Pierre Schaedelin, with the assistance of Sarah Mastracco from my former TV kitchen, prepared a fabulous lunch of burgers and salads.  After lunch, the team enjoyed lawn games.  This blog is about prepping for the event.  The actual Immersion Day will be posted tomorrow.

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