August 5, 2013

A Martha Stewart Cake Stand Breakfast (With Cronuts!)

Please enjoy this guest blog posting by Darcy Miller, our Weddings SVP Edit Director

Two weeks ago, I hosted a small breakfast that showcased fun and creative ways to entertain with cake stands. We displayed four different scenarios: ‘Wedding Shower’, ‘Baby Shower’, ‘Back to School’, and ‘Summer Entertaining.' Each scenario featured our Martha Stewart for Macy’s cake stand collection in ways that are not necessarily as conventional as they are functional and charming. Have you ever decorated a cake stand with party favors before? It’s such a fun way to thank guests for coming to a celebration and is also great to leave by the door for friends to grab from as they go. If any of you are thinking about wedding registries, deciding how to decorate an upcoming celebration, or even just want to find more ways to use your cake stands at home, take a look at some of the photos of the breakfast and please let me know if you have any other cake stand ideas!

I’ve found that cake stands are often one of those misunderstood, overlooked items in the kitchen, only taken from the cupboard for special celebrations or for the occasional dessert; they really are more versatile. You can use them over and over for all different occasions, filling them with various items—edible or decorative. What better way to treat your kids or guests than surprising them with their favorite snacks in a cake stand? (Our Martha Stewart for Macy’s black ceramic cake stand looked so sweet with stacked chocolate chip cookies inside!)

I hope that our cake stand ideas inspire you in your entertaining and day-to-day decorating.

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