September 5, 2013

Cleaning And Organizing My Basket House

I can't remember when I purchased my very first basket, but I can remember using baskets for so many things growing up in the Kostyra household.  I helped my father pick vegetables in his large garden using his gathering baskets and I assisted my mother with her large woven baskets, filled with her many loads of laundry, as we grew to a family of eight, when she carried them outdoors to hang in the fresh air.  After getting married, I began collecting these useful forms of art in earnest.  I found many antique baskets at auctions and tag sales.  And every now and then I would stumble upon a basket weaver who was still creating fabulous baskets following centuries-old traditions and added those to my collection, as well.  When I moved to my farm in Bedford, many of my baskets were placed in a little house that I had built as a storage facility.  The other day, after several years of paying it little heed, I decided it was time to clean and organize the basket house.

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