March 3, 2014

My Friesian, Rutger, Went To Visit The Dentist

Twice a year, my five Friesian horses are paid a visit by Brian Stuart, their familiar lay equine dentist.  These visits are necessary because unlike human teeth, equine teeth are constantly growing, which is where the expression "long in the tooth" comes from.  Brian uses special files, called floats, to smooth and contour the horses' molars so that they fit together properly.  During his last visit, it was discovered that one of Rutger's molars was cracked and quite impacted with food.  A tooth extraction looked inevitable.  This procedure is performed by a specialist and Rutger would need to be transported to a nearby equine rehab facility to have it done.  Ramon went along to keep Rutger company.

[albumid2 id=20140219RutgerGetsAToothPulled]