March 27, 2014

My Neighbors Recycled A House And The Katonah Fire Department Benefitted!

Last Saturday, I asked my long-time driver, Carlos, to go to my neighbor’s house and take pictures of an event taking place there.  Robert and Lynn Siegel designed, built, and moved into a new home this winter.  They had been living in an old home on the same property.  From the beginning of their construction process, the Siegels were committed to finding a productive, charitable, and meaningful use for the old house.  A-Home, a local charity committed to providing affordable housing to seniors and disabled individuals, removed many useful items from the structure, such as cabinetry, plumbing, mechanical systems, appliances, and furniture.  The remaining building was donated to the Katonah Fire Department who, along with neighboring fire departments, have been using it for valuable search and rescue training, live burn training, culminating in burning it to the ground this coming weekend.  The firefighters are so grateful to have this rare opportunity to practice and gain experience in a realistic setting.  In as much as they could, the Siegels have actually recycled a house!

[albumid2 id=JayStreetPlannedDemolitionByBedfordFireDept]