July 23, 2014

ULIVjava – A Really Great Coffee

Mary Tedesco has been my personal trainer for the past ten years. Mary and her friend, Kathleen Schoen, a clinical nutritionist, co-founded ULIVjava, a company that seeks to create and promote truly healthy, great-tasting, superior coffee products. After tasting ULIVjava, I partnered up with Mary and Kathleen to bring you this delicious, organic, fair-trade coffee, which is infused with vitamins, minerals, and herbs, making it super-nutritious. Presently, there are two ready-to-drink iced coffees and three ground coffees.  Last week, the ULIVjava team went to a couple of my gyms in the Hamptons to promote these products.  I love everything ULIVjava stands for – health and wellness with your daily coffee!

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