August 19, 2014

My 2014 Maine Vacation, Part 1 - Delicious Food

Every summer I try to have a wonderful week or two, uninterrupted, at my beautiful refuge in Maine. This year everything started out fantastically- great weather, a fun birthday weekend, the house filled with laughter and joy- Alexis and the babies, nannies, and Kevin in residence. Then the tragedy of my dear sister Laura’s untimely and unexpected death . We are still reeling from the loss, dealing with all of the challenges such an unexpected event creates. I returned to Maine and my family to try to continue enjoying the comforts and happiness such a place of natural beauty affords us, and this photo gallery and a few more to come, are evidence, I hope, of restoration and “dealing” with loss.

[albumid2 id=BlogDeliciousLunchesAndDinnersDuringMyMaineVacation]