October 7, 2014

My DJI Drone Flight Training Session with intelligentUAS

Dear Readers,

You might recall the blog I published this past summer, showing you breathtaking aerial photos of my farm, taken by Dominic Arena and his DJI drone.  I was so impressed with the quality of the images and the height at which the drone took them, that I had to get one of my own. I recently received my own Phantom 2 Vision+ drone from DJI and requested a training session from IntelligentUAS, one of the premier DJI dealers in the United States.

Last Friday, the CEO and Founder of IntelligentUAS, Tony Ngo, brought a wonderful team of expert drone pilots to my home in Bedford, to give me some essential pointers, including the dos and don’ts of drone flight. I learned how to take off, navigate, record video, shoot photos and land! During the session, I even had a nice encounter with a special, old friend, who had us all in awe.  I found the DJI drone to be amazingly simple and so much fun to fly!  I’m now looking forward to flying on my own and with my grandchildren!

Enjoy the photos of my training session below and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Thank you.


[albumid2 id=MyDroneFlightTrainingSessionWithIntelligentUAS]