October 3, 2014

Taking Care of The Laura Plimpton Japanese Maple Grove

Dear Readers,

As you know, I absolutely love trees and I have planted hundreds of them, of all types and sizes, here at my farm.

Some of my favorite trees are Japanese maples.  My first Japanese maples, 117 of them to be exact, were planted five years ago in October of 2009.  In July of this year, we planted 150 more and now call this wood ‘The Laura Plimpton Japanese Maple Grove," in memory of my dear sister who loved these beautiful trees.

Because these young maples need to be protected as they grow, and with fall in the air, I decided to place stakes around the perimeter of each tree so that the placement of each would be visible when their leaves fall off and the snow comes.

I know Laura would be happy that we are taking care of these trees in her honor.


[albumid2 id=CleanupOfTheJapaneseMapleWoodlands]