December 15, 2014

Preparing My Home for Christmas

At my Bedford home and farm, we are preparing for the Christmas holidays in a variety of ways, indoors and out. It brings me great pleasure to see my home decorated in its holiday finery. Outside, we have installed a multitude of white Christmas lights, including several shooting stars on the sides of the flower room, the equipment shed, the hay barn, the stable, and the main entrance. We also lit two large Blue Spruce, which we harvested at Jones Family Farms (see my blog last Tuesday). Inside the Winter House, we have put up several Christmas trees, wreaths, and other cheerful decorations. I like to include a mix of old favorites and new things - including decorations from past and current craft projects that have appeared in Martha Stewart Living. These beautiful objects delight us throughout the holiday season. And when it's over we carefully pack them up and store them in my basement until next year, when we take them out and use them in fresh and different ways. Decorating for the holidays brings me great joy, and I am happy to share my love for it with you.   [albumid2 id="DECORATINGTHEWINTERHOUSEFORCHRISTMAS"]