January 23, 2015

Palm Beach: Maritime Museum and Kennedy Bunker

As you know, I took the family to Palm Beach during the Christmas holiday to visit my friend Lis Barron. While there, we were treated to wonderful tours and visits to many historic and touristic places. One of our favorite visits was to the Kennedy Bunker, a fallout shelter, and Maritime Museum located on Peanut Island. Our guide was the director of the museum, Anthony Miller (ajmillerfl@gmail.com, 561-723-2028), who is available on a regular basis for tours and talks. The Maritime Museum is a charitable organization, and Anthony has great plans for organizing classes, sailing programs, and exhibits there on the island.

Visiting the bunker is especially timely right now as the United States is planning to re-establish relations with Cuba. The bunker serves as a reminder to all of us about the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Soviet threats to the safety of the United States. All of that seems so long ago, but history is fascinating, and Peanut Island is another page in a big book. Enjoy!

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