February 4, 2015

Birds of Prey - A Guest Blog From Raymond Haddad

As more and more falcons are spotted nesting in city buildings, interest in birds of prey, or raptors, has grown. Their numbers are surging and their interactions with people have increased, so it's important to understand how to protect and observe these birds from a distance. Today’s guest blog post comes to us from photographer Raymond Haddad (rhaddadphotography@gmail.com)—he documented the important work of one particular conservation organization. I hope you enjoy learning more about it.


The Delaware Valley Raptor Center is a private, non-profit organization in Milford, PA, on the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For more than 25 years, Bill Streeter, his wife Stephanie, and their organization have been dedicated to the conservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey: eagles, falcons, hawks, and owls. Run by a staff of two, the DVRC cares for orphaned, ill, and injured birds with the hope of eventually returning them to the wild. Those that can’t, are permanently fostered at the Streeters’ Cummins Hill facility—their work is funded by donations, membership dues, and the educational programs they conduct throughout the year.

I learned of the center’s work at an outreach event in the summer. Bill, a biologist and zoologist, introduced the crowd to his majestic birds and taught them about the raptors' natural habitat and behavior, and the conservation efforts of the group. After seeing these creatures up close, I knew I had to photograph them, and I did just that in October 2014.

On Jan. 8, the center’s home base and clinic was damaged by a devastating fire. Bill’s family and all of the fostered birds you see here were unharmed, but Bill now has the daunting task of rebuilding the center and help is needed more than ever. To learn more about the DVRC or for information about donating, please visit the website or Facebook page.

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