March 14, 2015

A Follow-Up On My Canaries

Many of you have been asking for an update on my canaries… and I’m happy to report all of them are doing very well. The baby birds are growing, and there are more eggs waiting to hatch. This week, I took some time to capture a few more photos of my canaries, so I could share them with you.
As I’ve mentioned, caring for birds requires time and diligence to keep their environments clean, with ample amounts of fresh food and water, but for anyone who enjoys their melodious song and curious, active personalities, it’s well worth every chore.
Canaries are good-natured, gentle and hardy birds. And, during the breeding season, which is generally between December and April, these canaries also show themselves to be protective and dedicated parents.

Enjoy the photos and the weekend…

[albumid2 id="CanaryFollowUp"]