March 28, 2015

Easter Party Preparations

Many of you often ask how I decorate my home for special occasions. I’ve always enjoyed holidays, but they’re even more fun now with my grandchildren, Jude and Truman. Easter is a specially good time, and it’s fast approaching. This year, I’m hosting a gathering of 30-adults and 15-children. And, Chef Pierre of PS Tailored Events will prepare another wonderful meal with me in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I’ve been very busy pulling out all my decorations, and finding new ways to use them. One tip is to start early, and make a list, so everything can be done timely and efficiently. As you will see in these photos, I’ve already decorated most of the rooms in my home - they're filled with bunnies, chicks, and eggs in all different sizes and colors. I hope my ideas inspire you. Decorating is fun, and sharing what you've done with family and friends makes it all worthwhile.

Enjoy preparing your spring celebration, and if you haven’t yet started… this weekend may be a good time to “hop to it.”

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