April 16, 2015

Seedling Maintenance in the Greenhouse

All the seeds we planted earlier this year are growing nicely in my greenhouse. Soon, it will be time to transplant them into the outdoor garden beds. For now, they are being nurtured indoors where temperature, humidity and light can be properly controlled.
Starting from seed is not difficult at all, but it does require careful attention and patience. This week, my gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, evaluated all the seedlings, and conducted a little seedling maintenance - thinning out those that were weak, pricking out those that were growing too big for their seed starting trays, and transplanting them into larger pots and flats.
I can’t wait to see these tiny sprouts grow into strong, prolific plants in my gardens.
I hope these photos help you as you care for your growing seedlings this season…

[albumid2 id="Seedlingmaintenance"]