May 6, 2015

Exercising with Power Plate

One of the things I do to stay healthy and fit is to make sure I exercise every single day. Aside from eating right and getting enough sleep, exercise keeps me trim and boosts my energy. Most of my workouts are done early in the morning in my home gym, with my personal trainer, Mary.

Yesterday, I used my newest Power Plate. It’s a great piece of exercise equipment that utilizes whole body vibration technology to activate more muscles and to intensify workouts. It works on all the different muscle groups to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve circulation - it even provides a massage at the end of my session. In fact, Power Plate is engineered to address many wellness and fitness needs, from restoring and maintaining optimal health to providing anti-aging treatments and physical rehabilitation. It’s an excellent exercising enhancing machine that can be used by adults of every age and ability.

I always enjoy using my Power Plate. Here are a few photos showing some of the movements I’ve incorporated into my routine over the years.

[albumid2 id="PowerPlate"]