June 25, 2015

A Birthday Party at The NY Transit Museum

When thinking about your child’s next birthday party, look to them for inspiration!

That’s what my daughter, Alexis, did when she planned the third and fourth birthday celebrations of my grandchildren, Jude and Truman. Truman has such a love for maps and transportation, so earlier this year, we hosted a party at the New York Transit Museum. The museum is located in a decommissioned underground station. It was originally opened in 1976, as part of the United States Bicentennial festivities - old subway cars, models, signs and other transportation exhibits were displayed. It proved to be so popular, it remained open ever since.

And now, the museum provides educational programs and activities for kids and families. It's also a very popular destination for birthday parties for young children, where they can learn all about transportation, stroll along vintage platforms, and swipe through an authentic turnstile. Our party was a great educational experience, and a lot of fun for all the children, and the adults that joined them.

Here are some of the photos - enjoy.

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