July 18, 2015

Picking Blueberries at the Farm

Plump, juicy and sweet, with vibrant colors from red to the deepest purple-black, blueberries are one of nature’s finest treasures. And, here at my farm, the blueberry bushes are covered with delicious fruits.

This week, we picked lots of blueberries. I love to use them for jams, jellies, and pies, but they’re also wonderful in pancakes, cobblers and of course, in handfuls on their own. Low in fat, yet packed with vitamin-C and antioxidants, it’s not surprising they’re one of America’s favorite fruits to eat.

Here are some photos of my blueberry patch, and this year’s prolific harvest. Happy National Blueberry Month!

[albumid2 id="Blueberries"]