July 15, 2015

Tempura Matsui

Tokyo style tempura has finally arrived in New York City!

Last week, I attended a special dinner celebrating the opening of Tempura Matsui, New York City's very first omakase tempura restaurant. Owned by America Ootoya, a branch of a Japanese restaurant company, Tempura Matsui offers an authentic tasting menu of seafood and vegetables that are delicately battered and fried to perfection.

Master tempura chef, Masao Matsui, spent more than 40-years in Japan before bringing his specialty to New York City. It is his tempura batter that is so exceptional - made as thin as possible, just to coat the ingredient, so diners could truly savor the fresh, tender seafood.

The intimate 19-seat restaurant opened to the public last night. It is definitely a place to visit when looking for that special meal. Enjoy these photos…

[albumid2 id="DinnerAtTempuraMatsui"]