August 19, 2015

MOFGA Picnic Luncheon

My own farming practices have been heavily influenced by organic Maine farmers, Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch, and their mentors, Helen and Scott Nearing. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hearing Barbara and Eliot speak at a lovely picnic luncheon for the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).

MOFGA is the oldest organic agriculture organization in the country and is committed to developing a strong network of organic farmers. This network has helped them to attract and train the next generation of Maine farmers. Their Journeyperson program has 52-participants this year. Their apprenticeship program has roughly 175 beginner participants, each of whom is paired with a more seasoned farmer who can share their knowledge, experiences and best practices.

These programs are an important part of preserving Maine's strong tradition of sustainable agriculture. Here are some photos from the MOFGA picnic...

[albumid2 id="MOFGA"]