August 22, 2015

My Chow Chow Puppy Has a Name

Today, my Chow Chow puppy is 12-weeks old - time has certainly gone by quickly - and, I am happy to share her name… Peluche, pronounced peh-LOOH-cheh. In Spanish, it means fluffy or plush, as in a teddy bear. My granddaughter, Jude, picked it out, and it’s perfect.

In the few weeks since she’s been with me, Peluche has been exposed to so many sights and sounds - she’s met dozens of adults and children, she’s traveled to New York City and to Skylands, my home in Maine, and she’s even flown in an airplane. This is a critical age for good, positive socialization, and I’m pleased to report, Peluche continues to be a confident, curious and stable young dog.

Here are a few photos taken of her yesterday around the farm. Enjoy them and have a wonderful summer weekend.

[albumid2 id="PelucheStroll"]