September 24, 2015

Making Delicious Apple Cider at My Farm

Time to make the cider!

Once autumn hits, and we start picking those delicious, juicy apples from the hundreds of trees on my farm, I start thinking about making cider. There’s something so gratifyingly simple about this good, old-fashioned cider making process. It’s not only fun, but it produces a tasty, refreshing drink I know is healthy and pure.

Historically, cider was very important to early Americans. One in every 10-farms in New
England operated its own cider mill by the time of the American Revolution. And, President John Adams drank cider every morning because he believed it promoted wellness. Maybe so - Adams lived to 90, making him one of the top longest living US presidents.

Cider making was in full-force at my farm, yesterday - the first day of fall. As you will see, everyone had a great time. Enjoy these photos…

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