December 22, 2015

A Visit to Guy Wolff Pottery in Bantam, Connecticut

The amazing clay pots by master potter, Guy Wolff, make wonderful gifts for anyone on your holiday list.

I first met Guy years ago during one of my many trips through Litchfield County, Connecticut, searching for antiques, plants, and ideas for my magazine, Living. I was so impressed by his pots, I became a regular customer. He’s been on my television shows, and his pottery has been featured in my magazines and on my web site at

Earlier this year, I asked Guy to make me another batch of pots in various sizes. When choosing pots for my farm in Bedford, New York, I prefer the more historical shapes that Guy creates. My tropical plants look so pretty displayed in his signature white clay vessels. We visited Guy, last week, to see how my pots were coming along. Enjoy the photos.

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