January 19, 2016

My Business Trip to Los Angeles

A business trip to California filled two days with television appearances, events, food and inspiration.

Last week, I traveled to Los Angeles for several media commitments. I always try to include as much as I can during my trips, so they are productive, informational and, of course, fun.
When I wasn’t needed on a television set or at an event, I tried to visit restaurants, museums, and other establishments that could provide more knowledge and inspiration for our businesses. During this trip, we had some time to visit several eateries and artisanal shops. We also stayed at the famous Sunset Tower Hotel. This is the first of three blogs from my recent trip to Los Angeles – enjoy the photos.

[albumid2 id="LATripThursday"]

And, here is an update on my peacock. While I was away, Dawa Sherpa, a member of my outdoor grounds crew, took this short video of my beautiful bird displaying his tail of covert feathers.