February 11, 2016

A Visit to "Villa Fontana" in Palm Beach, Florida

A brief trip south to escape the cold winter can be so invigorating.

Over the weekend, I traveled to sunny Palm Beach, Florida to spend time with friends, and to enjoy the warmer weather. I always try to include as much as I can during my trips, so they are productive, informational and fun. My friend, entertainment banker and entrepreneur, Lisbeth Barron, made sure we had lots to do - we visited gardens, museums, and shops. We also toured the remarkable “Villa Fontana” - the home of Bill Eberhardt, and the late artist and collector, John Eberhardt. John’s passion and talent for painting are featured in every room. It includes trompe l'oeil finishes, and architectural details hand-crafted by John himself, plus European antiques purchased during his many travels. You may recognize his name - John worked as a set designer, and was a pioneer developer of Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York, where he built another famous residence, “The Belvedere”.

Enjoy these photos - this is the first of several blogs from my recent trip to Palm Beach.