April 8, 2016

A Visit to Washington, DC - Part Two

There is so much to see in our nation’s capital!

During my recent trip to Washington, DC, with my daughter, Alexis, and her children, Jude and Truman, we had the wonderful opportunity to tour many historic places - we visited monuments, museums, and other American treasures.

Of course, as a celebrity, I do get a lot of attention and assistance whenever I visit other cities. However, most people do not have that luxury, and it can be quite challenging to organize an itinerary of sights and activities when traveling to a new place. For this excursion, we decided to tour the District with the wonderful guides from Tiber Creek Tours of DC, a locally owned and operated company of experienced and well-informed professionals. Our guides, Chris Dreher, Clift Seferlis, and Anita Elher, were all excellent - they planned everything, and helped make our trip so much fun. I encourage you to consider using a tour guide the next time you travel and explore someplace new.

Here are more of my photos from Washington, DC - enjoy.

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