April 29, 2016

Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2016

It's always so much fun when energetic and enthusiastic children visit our offices for a day of learning.

Yesterday, we observed “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” at our New York City office in the historic Starrett-Lehigh Building. It is an educational program in the United States where parents are encouraged to bring their children to the work place for one full day. This extremely popular initiative was started in 1993 by feminist and activist, Gloria Steinem, and the Ms. Foundation for Women. Originally called “Take Our Daughters To Work Day,” it was expanded to include sons in 2003. This year, we had nearly 30-children ages six to 14 years, attend our activities, which included arts and crafts, and a tour of our large facility. Enjoy these photos…

Tomorrow, I will share with you the special Facebook chat I hosted with Kevin Sharkey. I invited all the children to be my guests for a wonderful show on arranging and caring for tulips.

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