July 29, 2016

Making Blueberry Crisp on Facebook LIVE

Plump, juicy and sweet, with vibrant colors from red to the deepest purple-black, blueberries are one of nature’s finest treasures. And this year, the blueberry bushes at my farm are covered with delicious fruits.

Because I have so many blueberries, earlier this week, I used some to make a mouth watering blueberry crisp LIVE on Facebook. I was joined by our director of food development, Thomas Joseph. We made a wonderful crisp and talked all about blueberries - how to plant them, how to preserve them, and how they’re incorporated into crisps, cobblers, and buckles. I also answered many of your great questions.

If you missed my Facebook LIVE show, just click here for our "Facebook blueberry crisp"  - you can watch it any time! Enjoy these photos, and let us know how you’re enjoying your blueberries this summer.

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