July 12, 2016

The Nordic Island Nation of Iceland

If you’re planning your family’s next vacation, and want to visit someplace different with a much cooler climate, consider adding a visit to Iceland.

The Nordic island nation is filled with dramatic views of snow-capped mountains, majestic lava fields, geysers, glaciers and pristine black-sand beaches. My trainer, Mary Tedesco, and her three sisters, made the trip earlier this year, and loved it.

Among the highlights of their visit was a road trip on Iceland’s Ring Road, Route-1. Ring Road encircles Iceland, connecting its major towns and exposing visitors to some of the most amazing sights. Mary and her sisters stopped at the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa, saw Icelandic horses, and gazed at the Northern Lights. Here are some of Mary’s photos - enjoy.

And, stay tuned for pictures from my latest trip with my family - to the beautiful Galapagos Islands - you'll love them.

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