August 13, 2016

My Birthday at Skylands

My favorite birthdays are always those spent with family and close friends.

This year, I enjoyed a most wonderful celebration at Skylands, my summer home on Mount Desert Island in Maine. My friend, Chef Pierre Schaedelin from PS Tailored Events, and I, planned a delicious menu that included gougeres, red beet borscht, cranberry, bean and beets salad, grilled King salmon with shallot tomato beurre blanc, artichokes, baby carrots and herbed red Camargue rice. For dessert, we had a delectable genoise with lemon curd filling and toasted Italian meringue frosting - one of my favorite cakes.

The day was perfect, and the food was superb. Enjoy these photos.

And, if you click on each photo, you can see it in a larger, more detailed view. Let me know what you think, and thank you so much for all your patience as we work through these changes.