August 10, 2016

What to Do in Maine

Both Jocelyn (who works on the blog with me) and I were taken by surprise with the new format of the blog- from clicks to scroll. There are changes involving Picasa, WordPress and Google all of which help power the blog. We are working through the glitches now and hope that we will be able to deliver a blog that runs smoothly as a scroll, with photos that can be enlarged for more detailed views, with easy access to "comments" and other blogs, and easy to read captions on all devices from desktop computers, to iPads to mobile devices of all sorts.
We love that you all love the blog and find it informative and useful, and we want it to be as easy to use as possible. Changes will occur and we beg you to have a bit of patience until all is ironed out.
As for the sling on my left arm- I had a clumsy fall off my horse a couple weeks ago - the low branch that swept me off Rutger's back has been removed from its Catalpa tree and my arm is on the mend. Not to worry!!! Thanks for the concern however.  --Martha

If you’re ever in or around Maine, please try to visit Acadia National Park. It’s a beautiful 47-thousand acre Atlantic coast recreation area primarily on Mount Desert Island. Acadia is filled with pristine woodlands, rocky beaches, clear ponds and so much more. I visit every time I am up at Skylands - I love hiking its many trails and always enjoy the stunning views, and tranquility - especially now that my grandchildren, Jude and Truman, can join me.

This weekend is the annual Friends of Acadia Benefit Auction. The mission of Friends of Acadia is to preserve and to protect Acadia National Park and its surrounding communities.

Acadia National Park is very important to me and my family, and we are happy to support Friends of Acadia during this centennial year. With a special “challenge grant” under the FOA Second Century Campaign, we hope to encourage and inspire others to join us and “give back” to Acadia. By making a gift, donors can help the FOA meet its overall goal of 25-million dollars. Let’s all try to preserve Acadia National Park - a truly magical place. Enjoy these photos.