September 3, 2016

A Trip to the Chappellet Winery and Vineyard

On your next visit to Napa Valley, California, please make a stop at the Chappellet Winery and Vineyard - first place winner of this year’s USA TODAY and 10Best Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Winery Tour”.

For five decades, the Chappellet family has been producing world-class wines. It all began in the 1960s, when my friends, Donn and Molly Chappellet, moved to the rocky hillsides of the Napa Valley. There, they established their home, raised their family, and cultivated their vineyards. Chappellet was among the first to pioneer high-elevation hillside planting, making it one of the state’s most celebrated makers of Cabernet Sauvignon. At the same time, Chappellet developed Pritchard Hill as one of the region’s most acclaimed wine-growing sites. In fact, the Chappellet family has long been passionate about preserving the land, and continues to focus on sustainable, organic and green practices, both in the vineyard and at the winery.

I recently visited Chappellet, while on a business trip to the west coast. It is a magical place - enjoy these photos.