September 13, 2016

Our New Polaris Ranger EV 4x4

We have a new all-terrain vehicle at Cantitoe Corners.

Owning a working farm is a huge responsibility. Whenever I can, I always take the time to tour the property, talk to my outdoor grounds crew, visit all my animals, and check on the progress in my gardens. Most of the time, I do this on a mid-sized rugged utility vehicle. I drive one all around my 153-acres. I can get into narrow places that a traditional car could never go, and see things far off the carriage roads and in the woodlands. It can also be used for hauling all sorts of cargo. Plus, because it is so open, it is easy to clean.

This summer, we purchased a new Polaris Ranger EV 4x4 - it’s already been put to good use here at the farm. Take a look at our photos.