October 5, 2016

Autumn's Beautiful Colchicum

If you can, take advantage of the mild early season temperatures and start planting some bulbs.

I love the autumn-blooming perennials called Colchicum and have enjoyed them in my gardens for many years. Colchicum produces such cheerful colors when most other plants have faded and are going dormant. Recently, we planted a number of colchicum bulb-like corms in an area behind my Tenant House. They came from one of my favorite sources, Brent and Becky's, located in Gloucester, Virginia. Some of the varieties we planted include 'Lilac Wonder', 'Waterlily', 'Dick Trotter', Colchicum byzantinum, and Colchicum bornmuelleri. I also have some planted near my Winter House and along the carriage road near my main greenhouse. I am so happy these plants are flourishing and have multiplied in numbers. They add a perfect touch of springlike color.

Enjoy these photos.