November 28, 2016

A Day of Celebrations in New York City

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. In the coming days, I will share lots of photos from our holiday celebrations - the ones enjoyed by our staff, and from my own delicious feast up at Skylands, my home in Maine.

Before Thanksgiving, I enjoyed several other gatherings including a lovely dinner at the Ai Fiori Restaurant in New York City. If you haven’t yet been to Ai Fiori, I encourage you to make a visit the next time you’re in the area. Owned by distinguished chef, Michael White, Air Fiori highlights Michael’s signature hand-made pastas, while emphasizing seasonal ingredients inspired by land and sea. Joining me for dinner was our American Made development team - we went out to celebrate this year’s successful event.

But first, I attended the annual Tiffany & Co. Holiday Luncheon to celebrate the success of this iconic luxury store, and to kick off the holiday season. Here are some photos - enjoy.