December 20, 2016

Visiting My Peafowl at the Farm

It's a cold week here in Bedford, New York, but my peafowl are out and having lots of fun!

So many of you enjoy the updates on the animals at my farm, so I thought I would share with you the latest on my stunning peacocks, peahens and growing peachicks. I now have 10-peafowl in all. If you remember, the peachicks were incubated and hatched right in my home on the kitchen counter this past summer. Once they were old enough to live outdoors, they were moved to one of the coops in the chicken yard, and then to the enclosed peafowl pen near the stable. They’re all doing very well. These birds won’t be fully mature until two and three years of age, when they will look like their parents next door. For now, they’re active, vocal and growing more colorful every day.

Enjoy these photos…