January 19, 2017

Building a Fence for My Courtyard

So many of you ask about my pets - my dogs, cats, canaries, horses, donkeys, chickens, and the peafowl. I love giving you updates on all of them. My youngest dogs, Bete Noire and Creme Brûlée, are thriving here at the farm. These two one-year old female French Bulldogs are extremely exuberant, and love to get into everything.

Recently, I decided it was time to build a more suitable fence for all my dogs - one that enclosed a courtyard space behind my Winter House, where they could relax and play when not out with me or on long walks around the property. I wanted the fence to be durable, and to coordinate well with my home. I discussed plans with my carpenter, John Kowalczyk, owner of JK Home Remodeling in Stamford, Connecticut, and he started work on it right away.

Here are some photos of the building process. Enjoy.