January 14, 2017

Feeding My Plants Compost Tea

Every two to three weeks, we feed many of my plants a refreshing drink of tea.

Feeding plants compost tea is a wonderful way to provide wholesome and organic nourishment. Using compost made right here on my farm, my gardeners, Ryan and Wilmer, mix up a batch and feed the plants in the greenhouses. Compost tea is a well-balanced, organic supplement made by steeping aged compost in water. It improves soil structure, reduces water stress, and is an ideal alternative to toxic chemical pesticides and fertilizers. I've been using compost tea for years. I have two brewing systems from Growing Solutions, Inc. in Eugene, Oregon, and they both work very well - just combine a few items to create the appropriate "brewing" atmosphere and leave the cycle to run overnight - so easy, and so good for a wide variety of crops, including fruit trees, vegetables, turf, landscapes, and indoor plants.

Here are some photos - enjoy.