January 12, 2017

My Makeup Regimen

As you know, I live a very busy and varied life - my daily schedule often includes several media appearances or photography shoots, and many, many meetings.

As a celebrity figure, it is important that I look my best, especially for public events and commitments. Depending on our calendar, my longtime makeup artist, Daisy Schwartzberg Toye, will come to the farm, or meet me at the office, to do my makeup. When she is not traveling with me, Daisy can be found at the Rita Hazan Salon, here in New York City. We have a lot of fun trying new products - I prefer a very natural and fresh look. Yesterday, I asked Daisy to go over the basics of my makeup regimen, and to share some of her beauty tips that work well for me, and hopefully for you too.

Enjoy these photos.