March 8, 2017

Celebrating My Grandchildren's Birthdays

Happy birthday to my grandchildren - this week, Jude turns six, and Truman five.

One of the highlights of the year is always the children's birthday party. Last spring, my daughter, Alexis, and I, planned a wonderful intergalactic celebration in the clerestory of my office headquarters - complete with planets, stars and a host of space-themed activities and treats. Alexis found many of the elements herself. She also designed the space-themed menu, and made a "solar system" cake. Everything related to outer space was included, and everyone - all the children and the adults who joined them - had a fantastic time.

Because the party would be featured in our magazine, Living, I couldn't share any photos until after it appeared in the issue first - magazines generally shoot stories up to a year in advance. But, you can now read all about it in this month's publication - at newsstands now. I hope you enjoy these photos. And wait until next year, when we feature the next party - they get better and better.