March 20, 2017

My Appearance on The Dr. Oz Show

It is always so much fun appearing on television shows, where I can share information, and teach something new to those in the audience, and to those watching at home.

Last week, I was invited to guest star on The Dr. Oz Show, the syndicated television production hosted by Dr. Mehmet Oz. During my segment, I showed Dr. Oz how to make brownies more nutritious. We talked about substituting all-purpose flour with more wholesome options, such as graham flour, whole-wheat flour and spelt. We also discussed the benefits of dark chocolate, and how to make ingredients typically found at the grocery store right at home. Be sure to watch the show on March 29th! Handy recipes and tips like these are in my newest book, "A New Way to Bake: Classic Recipes Updated with Better-for-You Ingredients from the Modern Pantry", which comes out next week. You can pre-order your copy by clicking on this highlighted link.

Dr. Oz and I had a fun time. It was a very busy day, but I did manage to get several photos to share with you - enjoy, and happy first day of spring!