March 1, 2017

New Seeds for My Canaries

My vibrant and melodious Red Factor canaries are thriving and enjoying a new buffet of seeds.

As you know, I have about two-dozen canaries. These beautiful little birds bring me so much joy with their lovely singing. As I’ve mentioned, caring for birds requires time and diligence to keep them happy, healthy, and clean. My birds are always provided with ample amounts of fresh food and water, and a good, quality seed diet. For anyone who enjoys their song and curious, active personalities, it’s well worth every chore. Recently, I came across a great pet birdseed source in Irvine, California. Joanne McGinnis is the owner of Lady Gouldian Finch. Joanne first became passionate about raising birds when she was a young girl, and about 10-years ago, launched a web site and business dedicated to their care. Earlier this week, I received a wonderful selection of seeds to try - my canaries love them all.

Enjoy these photos.