March 31, 2017

Spring Cleaning in the Equipment Barn

My outdoor grounds crew is busy with springtime chores.

Here in the Northeast, March is usually when we get a lot of our outdoor grounds work started here at the farm - pruning trees, mulching beds and tree pits, and cleaning up the branches and debris left over from the winter storms. This year, March brought a lot of erratic weather conditions - a late season snow storm, followed by milder temperatures and then most recently, several days of rain. And today, we're expecting another two-inches of drenching precipitation. During the inclement weather, the crew keeps busy with indoor jobs, such as cleaning the Equipment Barn - a large storage building near my allee of pin oaks, where we house our tractors, mowers, blowers, and garden tools. Keeping our seasonal supplies well-maintained and properly stored always saves time in the long run. 

Here are some photos - enjoy.