March 29, 2017

Using EZ Glide Surface Protectors

Every now and then I come across a product that solves a common problem. One such nuisance is furniture that scratches the floor - chairs and tables that pull across the floor leaving unsightly marks in their tracks.

Many years ago, the shopkeeper at my local hardware store introduced me to EZ Glide Surface Protectors - the small carpet-like pads specifically designed to prevent surface scratching. EZ Glides are terrific - not only do they prevent scratches, but they also make moving furniture so easy. I have them on the bottom of every chair leg, and every table leg - even on the feet of my garbage receptacles - everything that could potentially damage the floors if moved.

Every spring, Cheryl and Gretchen, who take care of Skylands, my home in Maine, check the everyday furniture and replace all the EZ Glides in time for the busy summer entertaining season. They change hundreds of EZ Glides on chairs, tables, baskets, planters, etc. It's a tedious chore, but well-worth the effort. Enjoy these photos.