April 29, 2017

The Launch of The Martha Stewart Wine Co.

I am so excited about the launch of The Martha Stewart Wine Co. - our newest business.

The Martha Stewart Wine Co. offers a collection of wines from some of the world’s finest wine-producing regions. The direct-to-consumer service features carefully curated bottles that are delivered straight to your home or office. It's a wonderful way to enjoy your favorite wines with friends and family. And, a special collection of my own personal favorites is included - they are the wines I reach for first whenever I entertain. 

This week, I hosted a launch party to celebrate The Martha Stewart Wine Co. It was held at our New York City headquarters. Many of our vintners attended, along with our partnering team at DRINKS.com. Everyone enjoyed getting together and sampling our wine offerings. Here are some photos. And, for more information, go to MarthaStewartWine.com by clicking on the highlighted link.