May 10, 2017

Cape Cod Doormats for the Farm

Spring is always a good time to replace some of the timeworn items around the home. Recently, I decided it was time to purchase new doormats for the farm - the ones I had were at least 10-years old.

Doormats - though often overlooked - are the first line of defense against dirt, grit and debris that can be tracked indoors. At all my houses, they also serve as good places for visitors to remove their shoes before entering - I don’t allow any shoes inside. For years, I’ve gotten my mats from Cape Cod Doormats in Hyannis, Massachusetts. They've been featured in my "Living" magazine and on my web site. These mats are extremely durable, attractive, and come in both standard and custom fit sizes - plus, they're American made.

Here are some photos - enjoy.