June 19, 2017

My New Crafts Paint Line at Michaels

I am so excited about the launch of my new crafts paint line at Michaels!

So many of you have expressed how much you love my crafts paints - the colors, the finishes, and the versatility. And, starting this Friday, June 23rd, they will be available at Michaels stores in 200-colors, and seven different formulas. All my crafts paints are multi-surface - they can be used on wood, glass, ceramic, terra cotta, metal, and so much more. Our newest paint formulas include home decor paint, and watercolor craft paint - the very first of its kind.

Last week, at our executive offices in New York City, we hosted a paint party to showcase how fun and easy these paints are to use. Our guests painted duvet covers, fabric pouches, aprons, floor lamps, ottomans, coasters, etc. I showed a few of the projects LIVE on Facebook for Michaels - if you missed the broadcast, just click on the highlighted link. I can't wait until you try all my new paints - I know you'll love them. Enjoy these photos.