September 13, 2017

My Culinary Science Cookware Collection at Macy's

I love using my new and innovative Culinary Science Cookware from Macy’s. Not only does the collection’s techtanium coating (titanium-reinforced ceramic) provide a durable surface that stands up to everyday use, but it is also amazingly nonstick, allowing you to use less butter and oil. And, my 14-piece set includes pieces I know families use most.

Not long ago, I used several pieces from the collection for a special Facebook LIVE on making delicious, healthy family breakfasts. If you missed the broadcast, just click on the above highlighted link to view. Here are some more details and close-up photos of my Culinary Science set from my collection exclusively at Macy’s - enjoy.

Also, don’t forget to purchase your tickets for this weekend’s Detroit Free Press Food & Wine Experience. The event is Saturday, September 16th, and if you buy your “Meet Martha” tickets now, you can get 25-percent off by using the promo code, MARTHA. It really is worth the trip - I’ll be hosting a special wine tasting, conducting a cooking demo using recipes from my new “Slow Cooker” book, answering your questions, and giving away lots of wonderful gifts - see you in Detroit!