September 25, 2017

Preparing My Vegetable Greenhouse for Planting

The vegetable greenhouse is ready for the next season of indoor growing!

Now that fall has officially arrived, attention is directed toward preparing my vegetable greenhouse for planting - doing this now ensures we will have fresh delicious vegetables through the season. Several years ago, I constructed a special greenhouse at my Bedford, New York farm, so that I could grow organic vegetables in the ground all year long. This structure, which is essentially a cold house, was inspired by writer, Eliot Coleman, an expert in four-season farming. Located next to my Equipment Barn, it uses minimal artificial heat - instead, most of its energy is from the sun, and it successfully grows a variety of cold hardy crops, including some cold-tolerant tomato varieties. Last week, Ryan and Wilmer worked hard to prepare the soil and build our beds. Here are some photos - enjoy.  

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