September 6, 2017

Weeding the Stewartia Garden

Late summer is always a hectic time around my Bedford, New York farm. This month is filled with several photography shoots and garden tours, so my outdoor grounds crew is busy doing a lot of pruning, mulching and weeding.

The weeds are quite rampant this year, and everyone is trying to keep up with their rapid growth. Yesterday, the team spent the majority of the day weeding the Stewartia garden, located behind the Tenant House and across the carriage road from my long and winding clematis pergola. It was important to get this task done quickly, so the team could move on to other beds. Weeding, which can sometimes be a very tedious chore, is necessary to keeping everything looking its best.

Here are photos of some of the weeds we're battling, and some tips on how to rid them from your gardens.